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Computer Repair Roswell, NM

Most computer problems are caused by infected files.

The majority of your computer's problems are caused by viruses or other types of file infections. We completely remove all viruses and other types of infected files on your computer. The process can take several hours to complete successfully. Our computer repair service includes the removal of these infections and the installation of software to prevent these from happening in the future.

How did my computer get infected?

It is a safe bet that if you never went to a website your computer would not be infected. The fact is that with the prevelance of the Internet, viruses and file infections are becoming all too common. Many people download files, music, movies, etc. from websites. While some of these sites are 'safe' there are many more which are not. Any site which allows you to upload files, for example, to allow you to share files with others, are one of the main sources for viruses.

What do I need to do now?

You have a couple of choices:
Bring us your computer
Our shop is located in Roswell, NM
Thursday through Sunday from 10AM to 5PM

Call us to schedule a time when we can pick up your computer 575-914-0272 *there is a $20 charge for this service whether or not your computer is fixed.

How much will this repair cost?


What is Included?

Complete virus removal. We will also install programs, for no additional charge, to help you stay virus free.

What if my computer is broken? How much will it cost then?

$49 plus parts

How much do you charge to give me an estimate?

Nothing. We will analyze your computer and tell you what we believe is wrong with it, for no charge. Some computer repair shops will charge you as much as $75 - $100 for an estimate. We don't think that is fair.

What type of repairs will you do for the $49

Here's a brief description of the most common ones and estimate cost:

Broken Screen - Accidents happen. Laptop screens are pretty fragile. If your laptop screen is broken you can expect to pay around $140 - $160. Screens usually cost around $100 and the labor to install the screen is $49

Bad Hard Drive - The size of the hard drive is the main factor in how much this repair will cost. A 120 GB hard drive is around $70. You can check with local stores for specific prices.

Missing Keyboard Keys - Each key on a laptop keyboard is about $10 plus the labor to install it. We recommend changing the entire keyboard which normally costs less than $20. Our charge for replacing the keyboard on a laptop is $39

Won't Power On - This is where laptop or desktop computer will not start, no lights. We will test your laptop adapter or desktop power supply for no charge. If you need a new one it will be $30 for a used laptop power supply or $40 for a new laptop power supply, or for a universal laptop power supply. Desktop power supplies are around $70 installed.

Memory Upgrade - $10 plus the cost of the memory.

Passwords - There are two passwords on laptops and on desktops. The first one is a bios password. This is the one where the computer is still in the black startup screen. Successful removal of this password is $50. The second password is a Windows User password. The charge to remove these passwords is $20.

Can I bring you the parts?

Yes, You can bring us the parts needed for your computer.

Where are you located?

222 W. 2nd St, Roswell, NM 88201