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Website Development

In order to have a website you need four things.

Domain Name

The domain name is how people will find your website. For example, is the Domain Name of this website;,,  and SA PC Repair are other names you may know.

There are other 'extensions' available besides '.com' such as, .info; .net; .repair, etc.

We recommend using '.com' if at all possible.

Host Provider

The host provider is the company who 'holds' your website on their computers so the world can see your website. We use Network Solutions and GoDaddy.

Website Content

There are several ways to create the website content. Many of the host providers offer applications to allow you to create your own website.

We use template driven applications like FrontPage or XSitePro because they both allow you to change the content of your website after it has been published, thus offering much more control of the look and content of your site.

Publishing Software

This is simply a way to get your website from your computer to your host provider.

That's all there is to it!

Our charge is $125 for a website of up to 7 pages.
Restrictions may apply.

Contact us to discuss your particular needs.