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A Help file for Tracking Band Bookings.
Booking Help
Booking Help
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Welcome to Booking Help
This program was developed for Cibolo Springs, a Classic Country and Rock N' Roll Dance Band Trio out of a little town outside of San Antono, TX...not China Grove!
It became apparent, honestly, they were putting way too many miles on their truck to not claim this on their taxes. This program will track all of your expenses for each booking you have over any time frame. Tracking things like Meals, Mileage, Revenue, and other expenses provides you with valuable information you will otherwise not have.

  • Customized for you
  • Easy To Use
  • Filter Lists
  • Send To MS Excel, Text, or file
  • True Ad Hoc Report Writer
  • Create Custom Reports, Letters, Invoices
  • Unlimited Support
  • Monitor, Add, Edit your Custom SongList
  • Import From Ascii or Excel
  • Export to Ascii or Excel
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Roswell, NM
Corporate Support Services
If the program you have.selected needs to be changed to fit your needs, just let us know.
This help file will provide you will all of the information to successfully use this program.
You can make money by referring or selling our programs to others.
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