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A Help file for Tracking Band Bookings.
Booking Help
Booking Help
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Advanced Features

Although our programs are designed to be simple to use, we have included several Advanced Feature into each of them.

Report Manager
Expand All and Contract All will show or hide all of the reports under each type you have available.
Insert allows you to Create, or Insert, a new report
Change allows you to Change an existing report
Delete allows you to Delete a report you no longer need
Close will close the Report Manager window and take to back to the main screen or any Windows you have open.

This is a very powerful ad hoc, meaning you can create your own specific reports. For information on how to create reports first select Create to add a new report then select Help within that window.
A unique way of limiting the records you want to see or 'SendTo' Excel, csv, or another format so they can be viewed or imported into another program
To use this feature, highlight a record which has the information you want to view.
For example, in SongList if you want to see all of the songs by a certain vocalist you will highlight a record which has that vocalist.
Then, using your keyboard, select CTRL+Q ( the control key plus the letter Q) and you get a popup like this...

Select 'Equate' which means Equal to (in this case) 'Who performs the song'
This list will filter out all other songs in the list.
You will notice at the bottom of the window, xQFilter Off has changed to xQFilter On (1) meaning you have 1 (one) filter on at the moment. You can have additional filters added to further limit the records. For example, if you wanted to all of the Current songs for this Vocalist, press the Qtrl+Q keys again and Select 'Current or To Be Learned' then select 'Equate' and you will see a list of all of the Current Songs performed by the Vocalist.
Then what you ask...

Once you have filter list, or even if you don't, you can use this SendTo button to Send this filtered list To another file format.

File Import
This only works for the SongList File
From the Main Menu, select File/Import ASCII and you will see...

You will use the Elipsis Button to search for a file to Import, this file has to be a text file and has to have the fields you want to import which match the fields in the SongList database and should have the .txt file extension.
The easiest way to find this information is to export a current file

Import Excel
You will follow the same process to import an Excel file. This file needs to have the .xls file extension.

File Export
This only works on the SongList File
From the Main Menu select File/Export/Export ASCII

Then select Flat ASCII
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Corporate Support Services
If the program you have.selected needs to be changed to fit your needs, just let us know.
This help file will provide you will all of the information to successfully use this program.
You can make money by referring or selling our programs to others.
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