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A Help file for Tracking Band Bookings.
Booking Help
Booking Help
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Browse Windows
Currently there are two 'Browse' Windows, the first is a listing of all of your Bookings, while the second is a list of all of your current songs. This list also includes any songs which are 'To Be Worked' and ones that are 'Extra'.

When you first select this option you will get a blank window because you have not entered any bookings.
To add your first booking click on the Insert Button at the bottom of the screen or press the Ins key on your keyboad.
You will enter the Date of the Booking, the Venue, Status, Beginning Mileage (ending and total miles will be calculated for you), and Revenue. You will also enter expenses for Rent, Miscellaneous, Lodging, and Meals. The rest of the fields will be calculated for you.
Click Ok and the record will be added and appear in the Browse Bookings window..
Notes and Definitions
Date is the actual date of the function. Either enter the date 0101 for 01/01/2018 ( the program assumes the current year ) or 010117 for 01/01/2017 for previous years
Venue is selected from the list of Venues which must be previously entered in the Edit-Add/Edit Venue Location menu option
*Miles is the total round trip mileage to the venue from your base or home location
you can get this information from Google Maps. The program uses this mileage to create your Mileage Log for your Taxes.

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