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A Help file for Tracking Band Bookings.
Booking Help
Booking Help
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There are times when a recorded song needs some changes made. Changes like a key or tempo change from the original recording.
The reasons for these changes vary, sometimes it just fit your vocal range and the key needs to be lowered or raised.
If you have the ability to make these changes you can use this application to keep track of them. If you don't have the ability or just don't want to spend the considerable amount of time and money then visit Back In The Barn Productions for an inexpensive way to get this done.
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This application is constantly changing and being updated according our needs as they arrive. For example, a new table will be added to track albums which have been recorded. Anyway, you simply "Insert" a new record to be able to enter the information about the changes you make to a particular song.
Add/Edit Information for the Changed Song
Changed Songs
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If the program you have.selected needs to be changed to fit your needs, just let us know.
This help file will provide you will all of the information to successfully use this program.
You can make money by referring or selling our programs to others.
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