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A Help file for Tracking Band Bookings.
Booking Help
Booking Help
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Start the ProgramYou will be presented with a blank screen with choices across the top.
Select Browsethen Bookings, your copy will not have our name!
From here you will Add (Insert) your BookingsYou can Delete Bookings (which we NEVER recommend
Instead of Deleting a record we would recommend you simply change the information.
or, view, limit the ones you see, or Send To Excel or another file format
Before you start entering your Songs or your Bookings, which we refer to as 'records', there are a few things you need to take care of.
First, many of the fields in each record rely on information which they 'look up' in order to fill in a field. For example, when entering a booking for a certain Venue, you will need to enter information about that Venue. Things like the Name and the Distance you travel to get there and back. That way when you enter a booking for that Venue the program can calculate mileage for your tax return.
OK, let's get started entering items on the Edit Menu.

Add/Edit Venu Locations
We are currently in Roswell, NM so our venue locations are listed in our copy of the program. Here you can see how the data is entered.
Clicking Insert you will be able to add the name and the Mileage. Enter the total Round Trip mileage. IRS says the mileage is from your 'Base' location to the Venue and Back...regardless from where you actually travel to and from.
NOTE: We are not tax consultants so check with IRS or your accountant.

Add/Edit Status
Status choices here are for the Venue.
We use Tentative, Definite, and Canceled.

Other Add/Edit Choices

The other choices in this menu selection are all entered in much the same way
Venue ChoicesStatus Choices

Browse Menu Selections
With each of the Main Menu options you will be presented with a 'Browse' screen which is a lising of all of the items in that particular database 'Table'
From here you have the option to View, Insert, Change, or Delete records.
View will not accept any changes you make when you click 'Ok'

On some of the Browse screens you will see different options like xQFilter and SendTo
208 Wooldridge Margaret
Roswell, NM
Corporate Support Services
If the program you have.selected needs to be changed to fit your needs, just let us know.
This help file will provide you will all of the information to successfully use this program.
You can make money by referring or selling our programs to others.
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