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A Help file for Tracking Band Bookings.
Booking Help
Booking Help
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We provide, in all of our programs, a true Ad Hoc Report Writer, that is, you can create your own reports to provide you specific information you desire. Naturally, you can request specific reports from us.
Click Reports, then Report Manager from the Main Menu and you will see a list of included reports
Highlight the report you wan to see and click the Print button on the lower left of the Window. You may have to enter the dates of the report, for example, to see bookings for a certain time period, enter the starting date and ending date of the report on the next two windows. Then select Print.

Note:The report will be 'Printed' to your screen for your review.
To send the report to your printer, select Print from the report Preview. To Save the report as a pdf, select File, then Save As...
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If the program you have.selected needs to be changed to fit your needs, just let us know.
This help file will provide you will all of the information to successfully use this program.
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