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A Help file for Tracking Band Bookings.
Booking Help
Booking Help
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The Songlist Browse is very similar to the Browse List for Bookings except it is a listing of the Songs you Currently perform, plus the Songs on which you are Working, plus the songs which are Extra. Extra songs can be anything else. For example, it could be songs which you intend to learn, or songs which you know but will never perform.

The colums allow you to sort the items in ascending or decending order by simply clicking on the column heading. You can find a particular item by simply typing the song title, for example. You do need to have clicked the column heading for the type of 'filter' you are using. In other words you need to have clicked 'Title' in order to search for the Title of a song, click 'Artist' to list songs by Artist.

In the Advanced Section of this Help file we will discuss our exclusive xQuick Filter and the Send To features.

Note: Blue is Print = Yes This is used to limit which songs will show up in reports, etc. You can also eliminate any duplicates by Not Selecting the 'Print' option when you Add or Edit a record
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