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A simple and easy to use desktop application.
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Most of the work will be accomplished within this window. This is a listing of the records which have been entered in the application separated by the Account which you have chosen.

For example, if you have imported a file from your bank which includes all transactions from 2017 to today, each of these transactions will be included in this list...can be a little overwhelming.

There are ways to Sort and Filter these records so you can see the ones of interest.
Clicking on the column header will Sort the records in Ascending value by the column you have selected. Clicking it again will Sort them in decending order. The Home and End key on your keyboard will do just that, take you to the beginning or ending record in the list.

Filtering the records will probably be of more use to you.
and will be your new friends
When you start this application you are presented with a blank screen, this can be a little daunting at first.
Across the top you will see the customary File, Edit, Browse, Window, Reports, and Help choices.

Browse is probably not something you are used to seeing. This selection allows you to 'browse' a listing of all the records (enteries) in your file. This is done to allow you to see all the items (records) you have in a particular file, or table.
You are probably used to using File/Open to open a particular file, however in database applications you need to be able to 'see' the database prior to making any changes. We choose to 'Browse' the entire database to enable you to visualize the records you have. This makes it easier to find and edit your records.

At the bottom of the screen once you have selected Browse you will see

View will allow you to view the highlighted record, any changes you make will NOT be saved
Insert adds a new record
Change will allow you to make changes to the highlighted record
Delete will delete the highlighted record. We recommend you NEVER do this.
Advanced Options are
Ctrl+Q will filter your records allowing you to filter records to get specifc sets of records
will send records to Excel, HTML, or CSV for manipultating or re-importing, for example
will do a Mass Update of ALL records if there is Filter envoked in the selected database
That is, if you have not filtered your records with xQFilter any Updates you make will affect ALL Records
Should you have a Filter on then only the Filtered Records will be updated.
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