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A simple and easy to use desktop application.
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Tired of being held up by Quicken or MoneyLine and other programs forcing you to purchase a new version every couple of years for $60 - $100? Tired of Quicken keeping your bank records hostage?

We decided to search for a Quicken replacement and ran across NCH Software only because we use some of their other programs. The problems we have with them is there is no way to get your records which are 'Tax Related' even though there is a Category option for this. There are some other issues listed on their forum, which are several years old with no resolution.

So we bring you CSS Checking
This is a simple application to keep track of your Check Book...including Tax Related items. I will admit it is still in the devlopment stage and there are some things it cannot do, yet. However, if you will look at some of the included and planned features, this may an application which interests you.

Go to Quick Start to begin using the application
Before You Begin

When you start this application you are presented with a blank screen, this can be a little daunting at first.
Across the top you will see the customary File, Edit, Browse, Window, Reports, and Help choices.
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Categories are a Required field for any records you enter. The default Category is 'Not Categorized'.
In order to Create or Run Reports with different Categories you will need to have them available to be selected.
So let's start with Edit/Browse Category Choices
selecting this option will bring up the
Browse Catorgory Choices window

Click the Insert button or press the Ins key on your keyboard to Insert or Add a Category,
press Change to Edit an existing one.
We discuss the xQFilter in the another Help File
Enter the name of the Category, Check the Tax Related option if it is a Tax Related Category.

NOTE: These Categories are used for all accounts you have
Currently, we don't have the option to 'Split' records into multiple categories.
Go to Quick Start to begin using the application

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