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A simple and easy to use desktop application.
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Easy to use
Import your bank records, assuming you can download a csv file
True ad hoc Report Writer to allow you to edit the included Reports or Create Your Own Mass Update to allow you to update many records at once
Filter your records by date, so you only see this year, or all payments to a certain person, company, etc.
Export your records to Excel, csv, or other file formats for editing or other manipulation
Network aware, so others can use the appliation at the same time
Security to allow you to use a password, you can also set up Security Groups which allow specific access to specific Users or Groups of Users to specific parts of the program, such as seperate bank accounts.
Add/Edit specific Categories
Unlimited amount of records
Not written in Access so there is no need to compact or be concerned about the size of the files
It is a Desktop application so your information is not stored online
208 Wooldridge Margaret
Roswell, NM
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