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File Import

Before you do this Backup your Checking file
You can Import a csv (comma seperated value) file which has been downloaded from your bank.
*We use Chase Bank and a local bank, Pioneer, so the proceedures may differ a little from your bank, however the application processes will be the same.
From the Main Menu select File/Import Checking

Then from that menu select 'Import Data - delimited ASCII

You will see

Click on the elipsis button next to 'Comma-separated file to import's blank field and locate the file you want to import
Once that file is selected, you can click the View File Button to actually see the file you have selected.
*If there are any $ in the file, it will not import correctly. Therefore you may need to edit the file prior to importing.
You will want Search for $ and replace them with a space.

Editing these files is very easy as they are simply text files which can be edited in any Text Editor, like Notepad.
We use and recommend a more complete editor such as UltraEdit but you can use any Text Editor

Click Close on this Window and then check the date format, it should be mm/dd/yyyy
Check the 'Skip the First Record' box, because the First record in this file is simply the name of each of the columns in the file
Then you will see Step 2

Check for duplicate records should be unchecked because there are no records yet, Click the Next Step button
On this next screen, Step 3

you will click on the First button in the lower left to load the First record in the csv file you have downloaded from your bank
once you have done this...

Click Map by Name...

notice some of the fields have been 'mapped'', that is fields from the csv file you are importing are matched (mapped) with the Checking database. So the information in the original file will be imported into the Checking database file.

Also the BANKNAME field in the database file (the ones on the right side) has no Source File Field. Right click on BANKNAME and in the window that pops up, type the name of your Bank Account. We use Personal and Business for our two Chase accounts.

This name has to exactly match the Bank Name you have entered in the Bank Account file...including any personal is NOT the same as Chase Personal

Drag and drop Tax Related from the left to TAXRELATED on the right. This field will only show up if you are importing a file you have already entered and are correcting a mistake. The bank files you have downloaded will most likely not have this field.

When you are satisfied with the results click the Start button.
The records will be imported into the Checking database so you can close the IMPEX app

See the Troubleshooting page for more information.

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