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No User at Logon
Security Setup Help

This file will help you with setting up your users when you first install one of our applications requiring a login and password.

When you first start the application you will see the message 'No users exist for this Application...Do you want to add a new user?' Select Yes                          

When you select Yes you will be taken to the next screen.

On this Update Users Screen enter the users First and Last (Surname) name.

In the Login field enter the name the user will use to Login to the application. This will also be the users password.

It can, and should, be changed after they have successfully logged in.

NOTE: The applications do not enforce strong password rules. If you want to have strong passwords contact us and you will get a new application to download.

After clicking OK on the previous screen you will be presented with the User Login Screen, enter the Login name for both the Login and Password Fields, you will be granted access to the program.

NOTE: The first user assigned will be given Supervisor Rights.

When a user logs in they can be classified into one of 3 possible Levels.
The Level with all the power is called a Supervisor.
The Level with no power (in fact they will be denied access) is called No Access.
In between, where a user has potentially limited power, they are allocated a Level called Operator.
The difference between a Supervisor, and an Operator is obviously a significant one. Simply put, a Supervisor is allowed to change the security access rights of other Users. An Operator can not change either their own, or anyone else's, Access rights.

See Access Rights for a complete description.
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