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A simple and easy to use desktop application.
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If you are looking at this website, thank you, you are like me and tired of big businesses like Intuit and others demanding and forcing you to contnually purchase 'upgrades' to their applications.
We will not do that to you.

One price $39 that's it, forever. That is not to say there will be no upgrades or changes, but you will get them at no charge when they are available.

All we ask is, since this application is still in beta, you give us honest feedback and help us by offering suggestions for improvement or changes.
Version History

We started with version 3.1 several weeks ago.
Today 07/09/2019, we released v8.1.3 This version is real close to what we expect to be the final one.

In includes all of the standard features, such as, Report Writer, Mass Update, xQFilter, SendTo, and File Import, and others.

We have added a simple way to backup you data file.
More importantly
A Schedule C report from all of your included bank accounts.
Any number of bank accounts can be added

What's not included is Security, simply because I don't use it.
If you want the Security Features included you should select the version with security.
8.1.407/11/2019added ID to Browse and Add/Edit records
8.1.507/20/2019Highlighted Required Fields
8.2.412/04/2019Rebuilt Browses for Individual Accounts
8.3.112/20/2019Added Field for Schedule C Businesses to help generate specific Schedule C Reports
8.3.212/31/2019Fixed Import for Schedule C data field
Added Column Sort on Individual Accounts
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