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Set Access Rights
While the Operator Browse screen lets you set access rights to the whole program, The Set Access screen allows the end user to limit access to specific controls, and windows within the application.

To add Security select File/Admin/Add/Edit Users
Then select Insert at the bottom of this screen

Here, just like when you started the program, enter the user's First Name, Last Name (Surname) and Login also called UserName.
For the purposes of this lesson, enter:
First Name: Test
Surname: User
Login: testuser

Select Operator and All Access from the dropdown menu.
Select 'Ok' and you will be taken back to the Browse User Screen with this new user added.

Select User Group Details, the Select Insert

Enter the User Group Name as Employee
and select All Access from the Default Access dropdown list
Select Ok and you will see the User Group has been added

The  actual access rights are set by you on specific screens in the program.
So you can close these Dialog Windows
You will do this by pressing Ctrl+F8 on the screen with Security Access...more on that later.

In order to set security rights you must be logged in as a supervisor. Although any user can be a Supervisor we suggest only one person have this access. It will only have to be set one time and 'ordinary' users should not be able to change these settings.

By going to any window with the User Screen Security extension enabled, and pressing Ctrl-F8, you will get the Set Access window. This window will have a list of the Operators on one side (Users with No Access, and Supervisors are not listed). User Groups will also be listed, and users already assigned to groups are not listed.

Ok, that's a little confusing. We'll try an example.
Go to Reports/Report Manager from the Main Menu

Press Ctrl+F8 on your keyboard (the F8 key is the one on the very top row on your keyboard) You Should see...

The list takes the form of a spreadsheet, with the Operator names on the left, and the access rights on the right. By simply double-clicking on the displayed rights, access can be changed from Yes to No. Closing the screen is done by clicking on the Close button.

So if the user wishes to stop users Deleting his Reports, then simply by going to Report Manager, and press Ctrl-F8, he can limit the access to the Delete button by double clicking on the Delete column for the entire Employee Group, or the Test User individual.
For example, in the Reports Manager window you will have the ability to allow or deny the Employee Group to Access Reports, or Administer Reports, that is Create and Delete them.

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