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Troubleshooting and FAQ's
Without going into too much detail, each record has a PRIMARY Key which is a unique number that is updated every time a new record is Inserted manually.
Today I discovered this Key is NOT updated when importing records from the File Import, imagine my dissappointment.

So here is the solution.
Use xQFilter to show only the records where ID is equal to 0
SendTo an Excel file and make sure Preview After Save is selected, this will cause the resultant file to be opened in Excel

Save the file in a location where you can find it, I use the Downloads folder under C:\CSSCheck\

This is where I save all of the files I have downloaded from the banks I use.
While in Excel, sort the data by the Date Column, go to the top of the ID field, type a number 1 in the first field.
In the field below that, still in the ID column make a formula to add 1 to the first field
Copy that formula to the end of the entire column. You will see, if done correctly, that each of the ID's have been incremented by one.
Save the file as a .csv file
Backup your CHECKING file
then DELETE the CHECKING.TPS file in the C:\CSSChecking directory
Finally, import the csv file you just created
In the latest version 8.2.2 it appeared to me that was too many steps and the program should be able to handle this situation, so there is now another option. Either one is fine. Which method you choose is up to you and both will place a unique number in the ID field, which is very important.

Method II
There is now a formula in the ID field which will assign a Random number between 6000 and 9999 in the ID field if the ID field is '0' , if the ID field is NOT '0' the number will not change.
To implement this Method, simply highlight a record where the ID filed is '0' hit ENTER to Edit the Record, hit ENTER again to Save the record. It's that simple - hit ENTER twice on the record.

The advantage to using this method is it is much quicker, especially if you have several records.
The dis-advantage, for those of us whose 'OCD' (myself included) kicks in, is the ID numbers are not sequential. For example, your ID's make go from 2795, 2766, 2767 to 2767, 8974, 9675, 6684, etc.

Again, which ever Method you choose will change the ID field from '0' to a unique number, which is mandatory.

Backup your Checking file before performing any changes to your file.
Q When I run my reports the Payments do not total correctly.

A This is because some bank records do not show Payments, or Debits, as Negative numbers while some banks do. The application has a formula in the Payment field to change a Positive number to a Negative number.
Which means in order to have your Reports calculate totals correctly all of your payments need to be negative.
To solve this you need to Highlight the record, hit ENTER on your keyboard to Edit (Change) the record, then hit ENTER again to Save the record.
Tip: If you have several records like this click on the Payment column in the Browse Checking listbox and have them sorted in Ascending order (a + sign will appear next to Payment). Press the End key on your keyboard which will take you to the 'highest' payment. If this payment is a positive number, hit ENTER twice on your keyboard, then hit the End key again. Repeat this process until all of your payments are negative amounts.

Q My Deposits (Credits) show up in the Payments filed in the Add/Edit screen.

A We can once again contribute this to the exported file from your bank. Some banks, Chase for example, only show an Amount of the Transaction. The only remedy I have come up with so far is to review your records after an Import and delete the amount in Payment and enter it in the Deposit field
Q. I get a Duplicate Key (40) Error when Updateing a Record

A. The ID field is the Primary Key of each record, or item in the database and IT CANNOT BE A DUPLICATE
Each record has a unique identifier so the program can identify it and insure it is not entered twice.

The solution is to Click OK on the above screen...then Cancel on the next screen

Then...highlight and DELETE the number in the ID field.

Then save the record again.

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