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A simple and easy to use desktop application.
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This Filter is pretty unique in that it lets you invoke one or many filters to your bank records.

To start the Filter, press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then the Q key on your keyboard (Ctrl+Q)

This will bring up
the xQFilter Main Window listing the choices you have.
These choices will use the field in the highlighted record on the Browse List. If for example you only wanted to see Tax Related items, highlight a record where Tax Related is equal to Yes
Press Ctrl+Q navigate to Tax Related and click on Equate You'll notice that the only records in the List are now are all Tax Related.
To filter them even further, Tax Related AND Reconciled for example, then you will locate a record where Reconciled is equal to the status of Reconciled you want, press Ctrl+Q again and select Equate.
The xQFilter in the lower left corner of the Window will show how many 'filters' have been envoked.to cancel a filter simply press the Esc (Escape) key on the keyboard.

Let's Date as an example

Go through the same process, but this time it doesn't matter which record you are on.
but this time select 'WildCard'
If you will notice the date format in the list is mm/dd/yyyy The WildCard symbol is question mark (?) so...
typing in ??/??/2019 will give you all of the records for year 2019.

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